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In case you have made a wrong purchase or which you regret at Fortnite, it is good that you know how to refund items, so be careful.

What is Fortnite item refund?

Have you ever made a purchase that you regret in-game today? Some cosmetic, skin or other item, probably many has happened to us. Fortunately, there is a way to return this item and get your invested V-Bucks back.

How to refund items in Fortnite?

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    After the v18.20 update, you will receive three requests to return the invested V-Bucks, these will allow you to return your purchase and receive your coins back.

    To make a return you will have to go to the main menu> Settings> access the account and privacy settings page> Send a request> select the item to return from the list> click on Send return request> select Yes to complete the refund .

    After this you will see a screen where you will see the V-Bucks credited to your account, but keep in mind that you can only return up to 3 items with refund tickets.

    You should also bear in mind that if you spend your tickets you will have to wait 365 days after the most recent Refund Request for your tickets to be reset.

    You will have 30 days after purchase to request a return for an item purchased with V-Bucks.

    It will not be possible to return items such as battle pass levels or flames.

     So we come to the end of this guide on how to refund items in Fortnite, and now that you know how to request a refund, we hope you can do it when you really need it so that you do not waste the 3 opportunities you have per year.

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