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Fortnite: How to Find All Public Announcement Service Signs in Mega mall, Neo Tilted & Pressure Plant

2019-07-12 18:49:48

We are back with Fortnite where we must solve one of the challenges of the end of season 9 which is to find public Announcement service signs, players should look at three places Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant or Mega Mall to find public Announcement service signs in Fortnite. These can be seen by what you see in the images as warnings, the mission of finding public Announcement service signs will be achieved by getting the 5 signs, for this we will guide you to achieve this challenge of Fortnite.

The most important thing to achieve the mission of Fortnite and find public Announcement service signs is that all three places have 5 available signals. You could end the mission in one place without going to another location, you have to be aware of the location where we will be so as not to get lost, so if it is a known place of the three it will be an advantage, if this does not result You must go to all locations and it will be very easy to find public service signs and complete the Fortnite Challenge.

In this orientation we will help you find public Announcement service signs in the three available locations of Fortnite, help you find the 5 signs, to solve everything quickly and easily the right place is Mega Mall, as you walk outside from the Mega mall you can only get 3 signals.

Where to find public Announcement service signs in the Mega mall

We started then in this location in the vicinity of the Mega mall to find public Announcement service signs, to the north of the Mega mall there is one of the signs on the front door at the top and the main sign of the Mega mall, then we go to outside for the west and south after. Another sign can be found at the top of the wall as soon as we cross the doors on the west side, turn to the south and find the third sign on the south doors of the Mega mall. And with these three we give a foot to complete the mission of Fortnite.

Now we go for the fourth sign that is entering the south entrance of the mall, is in front of a purple sign between the escalators, then north, up the stairs and on the right you will go to the front of pizza pit. The last sign is after the pizzeria on the wall

We have just finished finding public Announcement service signs in Mega Mall, now we are going to the second location of Fortnite Neo Tilted.

Where to find public Announcement service signs in Neo Tilted

Once here we go east of Neo Tilted, exactly in front of the statue and the fountain, you turn to the right and it will be the first sign of this location on top of a wall in the building that you have closest. You have to keep in mind that there are other types of signs here, as you will only know those with blinking red signs, now you turn totally and go to the west until you see two cars on the right, the second signal will be next to you on the green car.

For the third sign turn right when you reach the corner of a building pass the yellow car to go down the street open a building on the left where you will have the third sign on one of its doors. The fourth signal here in Neo Tilted will be lower down the road on one side of the tower, signs three and four should be easily noticeable when passing the yellow car.

We go for the last sign of this location for this we turn again to the right after the red and blue semi-trailer, as soon as you found the sign four in the tower it passes the way until you reach the orange car that is on the road, you turn to the right In the building at the corner there will be the fifth sign on the wall above on your right.

Then the third location to find public Announcement service signs in Fortnite, this time it's time to look at Pressure Plant.

Where to find public Announcement service signs in Pressure Plant.

When we start we go to the south of the pressure plant, east of where lava flows. You will instantly notice two signs, the first will be on a wall to the left of some cars. For the second signal is in a huge wall of Pressure Plant. By having the two signs you must go to the catwalk with yellow railing.

Continue to the yellow rails scaffolding until you reach the staircase that climbs the huge wall of Pressure Plant. At the end of the stairs will be the third signal. Then climb to the end of the huge wall go north and you will find the fourth sign.

Having found the fourth sign of Pressure Plant, you turn right, arms some stairs to jump next to the truck. The fifth signal will be in the back of the truck, to the north, exactly after crossing a fence of wires at the top. You can win an additional prize by passing the fence to find a sixth signal in the sector.

In conclusion, we hope that this information will be very useful to find public Announcement  service signs and be able to complete the challenge of Fortnite this season, this does not mean that you can only find 5 signs per location but they are the ones that will help you end the mission, until next time.

All Public Announcement Service Announcement Signs Locations Guide

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