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Fortnite: How to find E.G.O. - Location

2019-10-18 14:43:28

In this occasion we have realized a guide of Fortnite where we will indicate you How to find E.G.O.

The first thing we must know is that it is exactly EGO, although it is not entirely clear, the most likely is that it is a kind of military organization, which is present in Chapter 2 and have a logo as a collectable spray, and this can be obtained in the battle pass, the same can be easily identified, since on the map its reference point is displayed as a flag, on the map we can see that there are specific places where you can get EGO so let's detail them below.

How to find E.G.O. Barracks in Fortnite?

As we all know a barracks is a temporary space, good in this game serves for the staff to keep the things they use and also to live in this enclosure, has similarity as a building, and there are several cribs where people can sleep, the barracks will get it north of Lazy Lake.

How to find E.G.O. Hangar in Fortnite?

The hangar is actually a kind of parking lot where you can fix vehicles, although the hangars are spaces for airplanes, this we find south of Holly Hedges, this is located to the west of the map, at the most extreme. How to find E.G.O. Stop point at Fortnite?

The stopping point is a space where they possibly keep arming and preparing missions, there we can see that there are some gaskets at the bottom and above there are some parabolic antennas, this point is east of Frenzy Farm.

How to find E.G.O. Science station in Fortnite?

This is a place where they are researching, but obviously it is not known exactly what they are researching, this station is located on the west coast and is quite close to Pleasant Park,

How to find E.G.O. Communications tower in Fortnite?

This one is simple to see since it is easily betrayed, since it contains antennas of very big communications in the top of the building, it is another matter of which it is not known much what exactly they communicate, this tower is in the mountains, in the south of the island.

On the other hand there is an area that has the name "eliminated", it could be a zero zone, it is not yet known exactly if there is an EGO nor is it known what they do in that space, but it is located in the southeast of the map.

Finally, knowing How to find E.G.O. is important, since each area of the Fortnite map has something relevant that we must discover in order to advance in this game.

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