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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-13 16:02:23

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One of the necessary actions while we are in Mortal Shell is simply to know How to beat Ven Noctivagu

Who is Ven Noctivagu in Mortal Shell?

This is nothing more than an enemy that we find in this game, but for this one of the most relevant actions is knowing how to fight, this means that having a good amount of experience playing simply is usually crucial when it comes to knowing how to beat Ven Noctivagu, it is necessary to take into account that this is a mini boss and as we move forward we managed to get more, since this beta of Mortal Shell has additional ones with which it will be necessary to fight.
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How to beat Ven Noctivagu in Mortal Shell?

Before going directly to this enemy it is necessary to face other enemies, this serves in a certain way to be more familiar with the game mode, since it is important to be as prepared as possible to face this mini boss who only allows us to be able to enter his lair as soon as we have eliminated the enemies, since it is well hidden so our task is focused on having to cut some branches so that it is exposed and thus start our main task.

Some useful activities to master this game consist of:

  •  Collect some quantity of necessary objects.
  • Vlass items can be purchased.
  • Defeat enemies in Falgrim.


 Playing as Harros is an interesting option and for this it is necessary to give use to the hardening ability, because this simply allows us to avoid receiving future attacks from Ven implying with it the possibility of regenerating ourselves to launch our next attack, apart from that there is the opportunity to achieve that the loss of resistance can be low, and this is because even when they manage to get down from our shell, we will be able to run to it to re-enter the point of completely stabilizing resistance and health, since these two things are essential and necessary when it comes to knowing how to beat Ven Noctivagu

It is good to keep in mind that it is possible to fight this mini boss more than once until you defeat him, because if we do not do it the first time we will surely receive a fatal blow that will most likely lead us to where we spawn in Falgrim.

Another option is to fight as Tiel, as well as Harros also has its advantages and the idea is to take advantage of them in Mortal Shell, because unlike Harros, Tiel does not have the ability to withstand so much damage, so being careful will be extremely necessary but this does not mean that it can be an excellent alternative.

Meanwhile, Tiel has evasion and speed, characteristics that make him feasible and give us more possibilities to dodge the attacks generated by our enemy, being precisely necessary to know how to beat Ven Noctivagu, here it is also important to consider having the hardening ability, This is highly useful to avoid being attacked in the throat and this is precisely because Ven usually jumps at Mortal Shell, which can be complicated when we are not prepared.

What are the rewards for beating Ven Noctivagu in Mortal Shell?

The possibility of knowing How to beat Ven Noctivagu allows us to choose some rewards, as it is one of the interesting advantages that we are presented with when playing Mortal Shell, these rewards are:


  •  An effigy that is still unknown but is known to be revealed and will be owned by Tiel.
  • A token of affection that can be waived for 4 tokens.
  • There is an opportunity to have the Harros Effigy and exchange it for Harros shells.
  • For its part, the effigy of Tiel can be exchanged for shells of Tiel.
  • It is possible to collect a legend inside Ven's hideout in Mortal Shell.

 Definitely, whatever your option, Harros or Tiel are both feasible in their own way when it comes to knowing how to beat Ven Noctivagu, since obviously the important thing here is to get rid of this enemy on our journey through Mortal Shell.

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18 August 2020

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