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Today we bring you a GTA Online guide and our job is to explain how to disable and enable the passive mode, interesting, right? Let's see.

Why talk about passive mode in GTA Online?

Because it is an excellent option that is presented to us when we have died, since the mere possibility of making ourselves invisible is fantastic, especially for hand-to-hand combat or to receive damage caused by firearms, that is the ideal thing to achieve that this mode can be activated or deactivated in being in the right place, pus not everywhere is possible to run, and allows us to get some interesting changes to a game as successful as GTA, because although the last installment takes a long time to have Launched, today it continues to give a lot to talk about and a lot to do, therefore the need to know how to disable and enable the passive mode simply presents us with an opportunity that we cannot miss.
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What are the passive modes present in GTA Online?

 Before going to know how to disable and enable the passive mode it is necessary to take into account that there are 2 modes and they are as follows:

 Classic Passive Mode.

 This mode can be activated when leaving the vehicle and will only be available to players who transit on foot, as soon as we enter the vehicle and we will have access to weapons simply but this passive mode will be deactivated.

Enhanced Passive Mode.

 This is an interesting passive mode that we obtained in GTA Online and has the advantage that we are seen simply as ghosts, which is positive, especially since we did not manage to receive damage from any enemy, but it is also not possible to harm nobody being precisely this the most interesting.

 How to disable and enable passive mode in GTA Online?

 This is a fairly simple process it may only be necessary to go to the touch panel to press a button and proceed to open the menu, it remains active until the moment it can be deactivated since this process is usually done manually, as this results interesting due to the excellent use we can give it.

 For its part, deactivating the passive mode will simply be necessary:

  •  Go to the game menu,
  • Then to the online tab and from there to options.
  • Then we stop at the option to enable or disable passive mode.


 Knowing how to disable and enable passive mode, turning out to be precisely one of the most important activities to explore and cause enough chaos in a way, can allow us to get a little familiar with the game, especially when we are newbies.

 In this sense, knowing how to disable and enable passive mode simply allows us to have a considerable advantage when playing GTA Online, since it is possible to go unnoticed.

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