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Guide to learn how to beat Crucix the two-armed boss in Mortal Shell

When you are immersed in your adventure, it will be inevitable that you have to meet one of the bosses called Crucix the two-armed boss which you will meet when you are at the end of the Seat of Infinity. Cruxis is one of the three temple bosses that you will have to fight in the game so we will teach you how to defeat him properly.

How to beat Crucix the two-armed boss in Mortal Shell?

To start the battle with Cruxis you must go to Shifting Archives and speak with Sester Genessa to save before touching the chalice. Once this is done, you will see how they will send you falling to the battle area, and if you want to keep your life intact you will have to endure quickly before hitting the ground.

In this battle, you will see how it will be divided into two phases so we will explain it to you in the same way for a better understanding when you are in the middle of the game.
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    First phase

    Once the battle begins, Crucix will attack you with a combo of multiple hits that you must avoid. Once you dodge him, you can land two or three hits while he staggers.

    You need to toughen up after he regains his composure as he will immediately attack you again. Crucix also has a ranged attack where the tiny twin shoots fiery arrows at you if you are at a distance.

    After halving his health, execute a dive bomb attack that can hit you with a single hit, so dodge it and use hardening.

    Second stage

    Once the little twin dies, the second phase of the fight will begin. And as you can expect from it, your opponent will attack you with more powerful and faster attacks.

    You will hardly have time to land many blows because you will be focused on dodging as much as you can, this only means each blow that you throw should make it worth it.

    The only good thing you will have going for you is that the boss will not run towards you so you can recover from the blows while keeping your distance. Crucix will use his spear to hit the ground at the end of his multi-hit combo, then attack you with his ax before ending the chain with a kick.

    He runs towards the enemy as soon as he hits the spear against the ground and then performs a jump attack before using endurecer at the beginning of his recovery.

    If you manage to be victorious, you will be rewarded with the knotted gland.

    Now that you know how to beat Crucix the two-armed boss in Mortal Shell, you will be able to avoid his attacks as much as possible thanks to the advice given in our guide and be able to win the fight. Luck!

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