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2020-08-27 12:54:19

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Today we are going to talk to you about Brether Corvid, because he is simply an interesting character from Mortal Shell, let's see.

Who is Brether Corvid in Mortal Shell?

This is nothing more than an NPC that we get in this game and it is located in the Seat of Infinity, It is necessary to make use of this character since it has a secondary mission that could truly be interesting for us, it is not the only secondary mission that we can get from an NPC, however this is simply important.
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    It is necessary to understand that we can talk with Bether Corvid based on two possible results and they are:

    Talk like Harros: this is an option that we can carry out, since Corvid will recognize us and obviously will make us a request for a favor, which simply consists of taking a goal to Thesus in the Fallgrim Tower, because by doing so we simply receive a Glimpse of Admiration which we accept.

    Talk like Eredrim:
    This simply allows us to talk to Corvid on the ledge, it is the first search option, in this part Corvid asks us to finish pushing it, it is necessary to do it since we will choose the Look of Cowardice.

     What are Brether Corvid's gifts at Mortal Shell?

     This is a character who has the option of giving and receiving a gift.


     Delivering Corvid's gift of Admiration to Thesus is a necessary task, as this simply makes us move extremely quickly to the Fallgrim Tower to talk to the boss, he will take a look at the gift and ask us to take him to Brother Corvid.

    Corvid has the possibility of receiving the Vision of Tenacity from Thesus, this occurs when Corvid asks us if this boss is alive since it will simply facilitate the vision of Thesus which makes Corvid interested in continuing to get this boss by managing to leave the ledge to go to a place in the Grisha Cave where he will finally die.

     Now that you know everything about Brether Corvid, it's time to take this quest journey through a mission and thereby achieve some objectives in Mortal Shell.

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