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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-19 19:23:12

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Knowing how to simply parry and block are two necessary activities that we can execute in Mortal Shell, let's see.

  Mortal Shell has simply come to keep us active, where the fighting is the order of the day, but this simply allows us to understand how important it is to understand that knowing how to parry and block can make a difference and with it simply get out of a game that can become brutal.
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How to parry and block in Mortal Shell?

The first thing we must consider is the synchronization and with it get the emblem of the seal that we normally carry on our back and that we have obtained from the creature of the swamp tower, then there knowing how to parry and block can become a complex but necessary activity Well, the idea is to get the enemy to stagger by countering it with a forceful blow that can be executed to stop touching L1 or LB, this does not mean that it is a task that we can perform in the blink of an eye, since this implies practicing it regularly In order to master it in Mortal Shell, this means that we can practice pressing the stop button while out of combat, at this point it is possible to understand that coming as Sekiro can simply be complex because the stops can become hard and with high risk, especially if we are talking about tough enemies.

Unlockable attacks can be stopped, and it is only possible to detect them thanks to the fact that our emblem will make some noise and blink red, which makes us manage to harden our attacks since those delivered by our enemies in Mortal Shell are simply formidable, it is possible make some stops getting us to make a quick attack preventing the enemy from moving.

Building resolution by killing enemies can become a main healing mechanic in this game to know how to parry and block, this being favorable to fight against more complex enemies. The yellow bars that are above our health bar allow us to heal a stop, the detail is that we require a good amount to carry it out, and the way to know when they are enough is simply when we observe that the emblem of our seal usually turns orange, since this simply allows us to dodge while avoiding being eliminated by potentially strong enemies at all costs.

 Generally speaking, knowing how to parry and block simply turns out to be a necessary task that we can perform to win at Mortal Shell.

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Cold Symmetry
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18 August 2020

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