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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-26 05:08:45

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The enemies in Mortal Shell are simply part of the normal scenario, so today we will explain how to beat Tarsus

Who is Tarsus in Mortal Shell?

 This is nothing more than a boss that offers us a complex combat, because it is available when we are navigating the crypt of the martyrs and it is simply Ruthless, because its very presence leaves us perplexed, it is clearly related to the cold and snow, which makes us even more terrified, especially because to know how to beat Tarsus it is necessary to consider that there are two phases of struggle that are sufficiently complicated.

How to beat Tarsus in Mortal Shell?

 The very possibility of knowing that he is a boss simply makes us think of a formidable combat, and when we know that he is handled between the ice it is a more terrible, to this it is necessary to add that the only way to know how to beat Tarsus is simply dividing the fight in two phases and each one has its particularities in Mortal Shell, let's see:
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Our work starts squarely so when we see it for the first time it is already necessary to mentalize ourselves in direct combat and without fear of anything, this boss is very fast which puts him at a certain advantage to attack us and try to reduce our health, also because the The place where we are has a considerable amount of space, in this sense it is necessary to preserve a little calm, in the same way it is necessary to worry about dodging and attacking only when we hear audio of whispering voices, managing to attack him but without getting too close, well He will choose to throw the ice sword at us which simply makes us run a little, managing to dodge his movements and avoiding the madness of countering since it can be extremely delicate in Mortal Shell, in this sense it is necessary to safeguard ourselves.

 Knowing how to beat Tarsus is not easy from the beginning, because he will do everything possible to generate attacks but this does not have to leave us stagnant and thus give him some accurate blows, which may make him have to recover, but this precisely opens the door for us. The possibility of considering another attack that could take away a bit more health in this first phase and that is to hit it with everything we have in our favor, since it will be distracted preparing an ice spell that will not have the opportunity to visualize our attack in Mortal Shell.

Our work is completed with this second phase, because knowing how to beat Tarsus is a quite formidable task, since he is a particular boss, because in the first part of the fight we see that his health is depleted, only that this does not stop there since This allows him to improve his mobility which leads him to outsmart him, let's just be attentive to dodge his blows in the same way as we did before, only at this point he can become somewhat stronger, because he will do everything possible to get a more complicated spell, such as the ice spikes that it can shoot or just freeze us at Mortal Shell.

 When it throws the spikes it is necessary to take advantage of dodging and sliding, because at this point it is necessary to move away and go back as much as possible since it will take out a blizzard spell from which it is necessary to be as far away as we can, because they are skills that this boss will use and They can harm us, in this sense all we will do is execute some forceful shots that can hit it and for this it is necessary to use patience as a fundamental requirement, since it is necessary to be attentive to the right moment to hit.

 Now that you know how to beat Tarsus, it is time to try and see that enemies can be defeated even when they can be complex, Mortal Shell offers us that possibility to shine.

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Cold Symmetry
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18 August 2020

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