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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-20 16:30:55

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Guide to learn how to beat Hadern in Mortal Shell

  Maybe you can get stuck when you find yourself fighting with Hadern, and it is not for less, it is the first boss that you meet in Mortal Shell and you are still adapting to the game, but do not worry, in this guide we will teach you how to beat him successfully .

How to beat Hadern in Mortal Shell?

You must be aware that Hadern is the first boss you will find in the game, that means that throughout history you will meet him many more times.

Hadern is a tutorial boss and also the guardian of all weapons. He fights you using the Sanctified Sword and can also make use of the Hardening ability just like you.
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You must take into account that, when you fight him, you only have ONE chance to defeat Hadern, and if you do not, you will prevent you from acquiring the Glimpse of Reverie.

Hadern is found in four locations, defeating him in each area rewards you with a different weapon.

  • -Tutorials Area - Sanctified Sword
  • -Temple Grounds - Smoking Mace
  • -Eternal Nartex - Hammer and Chisel
  • -Abandoned Chamber - Martyr's Blade

At the start of the battle Hadern opens with a running jump attack. Make sure to roll out of the way immediately. Shortly after the attack, he will harden and guide you with a sword slash.

Make sure you evade the attack and you will be able to land a hit or two while he's vulnerable and recovering from the attack. One advantage to you is that Harden doesn't have much diversity in his movement set, he will only stiffen and swing his sword from From time to time, so you can dedicate yourself to dodging and attacking when it suits you, you will just have to be careful that while attacking him after his Harden, he will also try to retaliate.

The attack is quite fast, so stay on your feet with the dodge. You can land on an extra hit shortly after. It's a bit difficult to pull off, so you can try to fall back and land on a hit or two every now and then.

 Now that you know how to beat Hadern in Mortal Shell you can put these tips into practice thus avoiding a quick death that prevents you from obtaining the Glimpse of Reverie. Luck!

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