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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-20 16:25:22

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Guide to learn how to beat the Enslaved Grisha Boss in Mortal Shell

  In the Mortal Shell fighting game you will meet another boss enemy to face called the Enslaved Grisha and in this guide we will teach you how to face him correctly and defeat him. Stay to know more!

How to beat Enslaved Grisha Boss in Mortal Shell?

Defeating the enslaved boss Grisha is very important in the game because, if you are victorious, it will give you access to the next part of the dungeon where you will meet the main boss.

The real secret to beating Grisha is that you only have to know how to counter these attacks.

The previous Grisha boss in the types of attacks he has, only a few additional attacks will be seen here. does not have a great variety of attacks; it just relies on a couple of standard attacks. He uses a double bar attack of his arms.
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He breaks his arm on top of you pinning him to the ground and also uses a head butt attack where he throws his full weight on you.

You should take into account the double bar because here you will find that a space is created between her arms when Grisha uses this attack, it can be used as an opportunity to get closer to perform deadly attacks. The only downside is that it spins very fast in this attack, so be careful.

A crushing attack will come on you, in case you manage to ski it, Grisha will have his arm nailed to the ground for a moment. Seize this moment and do some good damage.

Finally, when your tarnished seal flashes red, it means the headbutt attack is coming. Quickly take a distance when this happens, then try to grab his back and give him some good damage.

Use weapon skills whenever you have them ready. If you execute them correctly, you will be able to stagger the Grisha and have some time to damage it.

 Now that you know how to beat the Enslaved Grisha Boss in Mortal Shell you can advance in the story once you manage to defeat him thanks to this guide. Luck!

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