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Minecraft: Snapshot 20W10A

2020-03-07 08:00:08

The news in Minecraft allow us to make certain changes and improvements so today we explain everything about Snapshot 20W10A

What is Snapshot 20W10A in Minecraft?


  The changes visualized in the ovation of the fish allow us to get the details about Snapshot 20W10A the new instant, because here we can observe some sounds in relation to the Nether biome where we will have the possibility to have a table to create Netherita.


What are the features of Snapshot 20W10A in Minecraft?


  •   A blacksmith table where we will fuse the Netherite ingot with our diamond weapon / tool / armor.
  • Environmental sounds for Nether's biomes.
  • Incorporation of crimson hyphae as well as deformed stem blocks that include bare variations.

What are the changes in the Snapshot 20W10A zone in Minecraft?


 Here we can see some considerable changes and these are:


  •  Hoes much more interesting being used as necessary tools to break blocks.
  • The Barter Boot has some adjustments to bring Soul Sand because it makes the Netherite Hoes can be less common, removing and adding items
  • The fish manage to despair a lot when the nearest player is more than 64 blocks away.
  • It is updated for textures of Netherite articles in Minecraft.


Changes in the Snapshot W20A10 house


  •  Each of the levels has a different speed than the one that blocks the Hoes mine.
  • Some changes in the hoe are obvious and this makes them more useful in Nether.
  • The hoes have some charms such as fortune, silk touch and efficiency.
  • Charms are given through the charms table.


 Barthering Loot.

  •  Fungi have no light.
  • Soul Sand has returned again.
  • The deformed fungus is no longer found.
  • Netherite Hoe is usually less common.
  • Iron Nuggets have been added.


 What are the technical changes of Snashot W2010A of Minecraft in the US?

 These changes can be seen since here we get 4 integers, this implies the identifications of the owners of the projectiles which can be snowballs or simply stored arrows, because this means that the UUIDs will be accommodated in this way soon.


 Labels for article frames can be:

  •  Corrected. This is feasible because it prevents the frame from breaking and thus the article is not removed.
  • Invisible. The frame is simply not seen, just the article.



 The projectile and the entity coincide.

The shooter coincided with the player who shot or threw the projectile.

The intensity of the signal coincides with the intensity of the output signal at the moment of impact.


Here is a list of the bugs fixed in Snapshot 20W10A of Minecraft.


 MC-170242 - Asymmetric walls in the middle house of taiga 4

 MC-170470 - On snowy_library_1, the snow block is placed next to the window, which causes an ugly visual effect

 MC-170819 - The textures of the Netherite swords and boots have transparent pixels

 MC-170829 - When tools and armor of the netherites are dropped in the lava, it sounds as if they were burning

 MC-170897 - Fossils of souls and valleys can be generated in the air

 MC-171367 - Deformed fungus element does not match block texture

 MC-171447 - The crimson root shape has an inconsistent texture

 MC-172077 - Little pigs with NoAI tremble in the world.

 MC-172082 - Pigs do not serialize their conversion time

 MC-172242 - Left-handed pigs do not look at the gold bars of their right hand

 MC-172567 - Withered skeletons do not automatically attack pigs

 MC-173021 - A useless warning is recorded when the server receives incorrect vehicle movement packets

 MC-173090 - Attacking pigs does not anger any adult pig.

 MC-173165 - The pig barter loot table contains an extra function "set_count".

 MC-173168 - The word "backup" appears instead of the phrase "backup".

 MC-173169 - Pigs are not yet attracted to electric rails

 MC-173176 - Socialization error affecting the list of operators and the white list

 MC-173244 - The target block moved by the pistons permanently maintains its signal strength


 MC-165518 - The houses of the village desert_templo_1 and plain_templo_4 have no floor at the entrance

 MC-169533 - Asymmetric walls in the house of the snow cartographer.

 MC-169715 - Badly turned block in a small snowy house.

 MC-169869 - Mooshroom using an incorrect texture in programmer art


 MC-152441 - The quartz corner stairs (not those of smooth quartz corner) do not have the edge at the bottom that would have a normal quartz staircase.


 MC-146824 - Inconsistency: Stairs and hooks for trap cables cannot be placed on the sides of red stone blocks, observers and objective blocks

 MC-147496 - Dolphin tries to catch the boat from the non-player ride


 MC-130906 - Dolphins move very fast when they are near a boat

 MC-131046 - Angry dolphins give players the grace of a dolphin


How to get Snapshot 20W10A snapshot of Minecraft?

 This snapshot is necessary to pre-install it they can corrupt your world, so we must be careful and first execute a backup, in a different folder, for this it is necessary to have Java Edition, then open the launcher of Minecraft and enable the facilities tab For snapshots.


 Definitely Minecraft could become a whole box of surprises, the Snapshot 20W10A snapshot being really the most updated.

PC, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Sandbox, survival
Mojang, Xbox, Sony, Nintendo eShop
Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment
Release date:
18 November 2011
Single-player, multiplayer
age rating:

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