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Plague Inc: How to Beat Virus on Normal - Tips and tricks

2020-03-06 16:39:06

You want to know how to beat the virus in normal conditions in Plague Inc you are in the right place, here we will cover everything you need.

In Plague Inc we find that there are many things to do, due to the batteries it is possible that the population of the Earth has fallen, so that the virus will become an important issue for this stage, it is certainly more complicated, but we can learn what is necessary and among that is the fact of How to beat the virus under normal conditions, the following content will help us.

What should we know about the normal virus in Plague Inc?

In the case of bacteria, we have that they can be treated easily, because it can be ruled out that these mutations occur, so as the world is infected by this disease, we can see that our DNA exploded in the symptoms of greater fatality such as coma or the failure that can occur in the organs, however the viruses due to the ability to mutate that they can have, will be more complicated, the mutation rate is much faster than the bacteria, which will lead us to the expense of a lot of DNA in order not to be detected, until we can involve all the available mutations.

We are in the situation, in which the nausea, insomnia and cough will be normal states that we should not let go so fast, rashes should try to avoid them, cysts or abscesses, due to their easy visibility from outside and the symptoms capable of to be noticed by anyone in the public showing caution, when talking about a place of departure, Saudi Arabia will become the ideal place, this is due to the direct access that is available from here for access to the most complicated places that have to infect Madagascar, New Zealand and Iceland, it should be made clear that viruses are not easy to carry, the ways in which they can be transmitted will be our approach, initially going through increasing transmission and in temperature as resistance, then the symptoms of Higher mortality will be our goal.

How to beat the virus under normal conditions in Plague Inc?

Saudi Arabia

This is the ideal location for the beginning, because there is direct access to the islands that are most difficult to infect.

Mutation Control

We will see that the common symptoms are nausea, insomnia and cough will be correct, only that mutations will develop, which with these we will visibly have some symptoms, including that of rashes and cysts.


We have as good options the resistance to heat and cold, while later we will see the resistance to drugs, this being a good thing, having the possibility that a cure is ready, the genetic reorganization can delay it.


The greatest impact will be found in airborne transmission, so the check of the forms that are based on the conserved mutations will be indicated, an example of this may be the transmission with blood combined with a cyst.


These symptoms may already be present, which will mean that with all our DNA we can worsen the situation in causing the states of Coma, organ failure and even hemorrhagic shock.

In conclusion, knowing how to beat the virus in normal conditions is excellent since we can continue advancing in this interesting and moved game like Plague Inc.

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