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Roblox: Arsenal Codes

2020-03-07 08:27:45

The new challenges in Roblox lead us to teach you everything that relates to arsenal codes.

In Roblox we can Arsenal codes make some swaps, among those we have skins and voices, even cosmetics for free and collectibles, thereby improving our performance on the battlefield, in this guide we will talk about all the details that are relate directly.

How to use Arsenal codes in Roblox?

When accessing the game at the time of opening it, we will press the button that will take us to a pop-up window, here it tells us to enter our code, by doing it correctly we have to press the redemption button and thus we will get our reward.

What are the arsenal codes in Roblox?

To have the details accurately, we will have presented in a list the codes that there are so far in the game, let's see which are these below.

Skin codes

  • Puncture skins: POKE
  • Phoenix Skin: CBROX
  • Jackeryz skin: F00LISH
  • Fanboy Skin: ROLVE
  • Anna Skin: ANNA

Advertiser Codes

  • PetrifyTV Announcer Voice: PET
  • Koneko advertiser voice: KITTEN
  • John Announcer Voice: JOHN
  • Flamenco advertiser voice: FLAMINGO
  • Voice of Eprika Announcer: EPRIKA
  • Bandites Announcer Voice: Bandites

We have reached the conclusion, that knowing about the codes of the arsenal in Roblox is easier than we expected, thus remaining only to advance in this incredible adventure.

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