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Angel Marquez
2020-12-07 04:09:17

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With our Minecraft guide you will learn more about how to make an invisibility potion.

What to know about Minecraft?

Potions come to play a fundamental role in our performance in this incredible adventure, since with these we can avoid many situations that can cause death, among the different that exist, it leads us to seek answers as to how to make a potion of invisibility specifically, for this it is possible to have the following text, let's look at it carefully.
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How to brew an invisibility potion in Minecraft?

Some resources are required to make this potion, among which are a fire powder, a fermented spider's eye, and a night vision potion, it is also necessary that we have a manufacturing position, for the creation of the latter if not. We have 3 blocks of cobblestones and a fire bar, having to put it in the house and then we put the manufacturing support, we open it and place the fire powder, what will happen is that it will melt and It is going to give energy to the support, the next thing is to place the potion and the fermented spider eye in the slots, after a while we have to obtain the invisibility potion, but knowing how to make an invisibility potion is not enough, it is ideal that we know how to find each of the necessary resources for its preparation in Minecraft.

So for us to be able to make the night vision potion, materials such as the wart that is obtained in the lower fortresses that are inside the Nether are required, the golden carrot that is required a normal carrot and 8 gold nuggets, placing the carrot in the center of the craft table and we have to surround it with the seeds, the bottle of water, it is necessary that for this to have a glass bottle, which is made with 3 glasses in the upper right and left slot of the table of craftsmanship and the third we place it in the middle, then we just take the glass bottle to a water source and this will be filled by pressing the right button of the mouse and for the fire dust we have that its creation consists of the Blazerods that is find falling from Blazes in Nether, once we have the 4 resources we have to take it to our position and place the water bottle in the slot on the left and then the wart and this will be done in a moment to then place the golden carrot at the moment the slot is empty, at the end the night vision potion will be ready in Minecraft.

Now for the last resort that is required to figure out how to make a fermented spider eye invisibility potion, it requires that we kill some spiders to get the normal eye, then some sugar and a brown fungus, utilizing the plants of sugar cane we obtain the sugar, only it is necessary that the sugar can be put anywhere on the craft table, the plants are found on the beaches and in the sands of the rivers, while in the case of fungi brown we have to go to the forest, these are located under those trees that have a lot of shade, having this resource we are going to return and place everything for the elaboration of the fermented spider eye, finally we can then make the invisibility potion.

 Knowing how to make an invisibility potion allows us to have better performance and fun in Minecraft.

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