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Guide to learn how to heal yourself in Maneater

  To stay long enough during the game being the biggest predator it is more than obvious that you must keep your state of health high.

Maneater starts you in a rather shaky place. You are not the big bad shark you could expect, and it is very easy for you to take a lot of damage. Even later in the game, there is always a bigger fish to take you down, reducing your health to dangerous levels.

Due to this, we will explain the multiple ways you can apply to stay healthy.

How to heal in Maneater?

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    Here as your character is a great shark and the most obvious thing you can do to keep your life high is simple: eat. Sharks are known to eat anything and everything that gets in their way, even plates and other debris. But at Maneater, there are plenty of fish for you to eat and every time you do, you will get health.

    The bigger the fish you eat, the more health you need. If you are really short and need health quickly, look for higher levels with your probe ability. Any level 6 or higher will be a good boost and will take you back to any fight that makes you need health in the first place.

    Seals, sea turtles, grouper, the largest catfish, and many more are great opportunities to heal a lot without too much effort.

    With this brief explanation on How to heal yourself in Maneater you will be able to stay in the game longer and be the biggest predator that exists. Good luck!

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