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We have made for you an explanatory guide to New World where we will talk to you about How to get the closed beta

Exactly what is New World?

  This is nothing more than a new game that is scheduled to be released for the year 2021 by Amazon Game Studios, where it focuses on the possibility of executing hand-to-hand combat since it is important to fight the corrupt legions, here we are offered to play multiplayer which is interesting since we can establish a route of friends, considering that it will not be an easy task and surviving will be our best bet, however it is possible to be prepared for its arrival, therefore there is a closed beta which is possible to access and be properly prepared to live a totally different adventure.

How to get New World closed beta?

 This is really not a mega task, since it is only necessary to first access the registration website where the game is hosted and from there start from one of the two options that are available and are the following:

 Pre-order the game: When we choose the alternative of pre-order the game, we have the immediate possibility of accessing the closed beta, it is practically a guarantee pass, because only when we place our respective order is it possible to have some necessary instructions that will be sent to our email, so we will review it and follow all the guidelines on How to access the closed beta, since the idea is to download it and play to soak up some of what this game has for us.

Register on the game page: This option is not very reliable because it is practically a lottery, because we can be lucky to access it as well as we can not have so much luck and just waste time, because we register and wait to see if at some point An email arrives confirming that we have been selected to access the beta, which is really not pleasant because we are not certain.

 Now that you know how to get the closed beta, it's time to think about which option is best for you to access New World.

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