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Today we make for you a Madden 21 guide where we are going to talk to you about How to Beat Any Zone Coverage

What can we say about Madden 21?

This is the most recent installment of the sport based on the NFL and that has been growing little by little in the hearts of many users, however, as soon as there are no major changes, it may be of interest to many, because this is the super star Jackson, it is also necessary to have the possibility of knowing how to Beat Any Zone Coverage based on the need to be reactive with the opposing defenses in some decisive plays, as this allows us to be able to counteract them, even when we are not sure of winning the zone coverage. Coverage It is possible to execute some plays that can leave us standing on the field, it is also necessary to pay attention to the offensive side of the ball since it is necessary to throw it and our receivers can catch it.
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How to overcome any coverage area in Madden 21?

The zone coverage includes zone 2 and 3 perfectly designed to ensure that they can prevent the ball from reaching first place, in addition there is no particular answer to beat the zone because there are several types in Madden 21, starting at the beginning of male coverage that allows defenders to confront offensive players and thus achieve defense of the field without any particular player, considering that zone coverage may be the most common as well as hybrids.

Finding the correct points is always a necessary option to choose when it comes to the zone coverage, therefore if we are trying to go deeper through the middle it is necessary to find exactly the indicated points, locating as an alternative to stretch the field get between the defenders, because this is where the speed in the position of the receiver does not really matter much, having the possibility of having more than one way when it comes to knowing how to overcome any zone coverage.

Another way to simply cover the zone coverage is when we throw the ball to see if a defender runs to cover RB, which should allow us to get a wide receiver who has managed to serve to go after the runner, when we can see him retreat To cover the receiver is the exact moment to throw the ball on the ground and thereby achieve some distance, since this movement basically consists of getting the majority of our runners and receivers to be on the same side of the field in Madden 21.

 This is all we can tell you when it comes to knowing how to overcome any zone coverage, because it is simply a task of working with our team at Madden 21.

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