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Today we bring you a Madden 21 guide where we will explain how to Stop Screen Passes.

What to know about screen passes in Madden 21?

It is an offensive line in which the incoming defensive line and the linebackers are blocked, if the pass is positive, it will go directly to the quarterback, while the runner, receiver will be waiting for said pass, he will be in charge of with very quickly surround those who are defending and look for space to freely receive the ball, it is something that has better effectiveness while the opponent is in another blitz situation, this can be complicated for us, so in this they are combining the The passing game and the screens can help to counter the defense, now it is ideal that we know at that moment How to stop the screen Stop Screen Passesand in the next content there will be the answers, let's follow it closely
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    How to Stop Screen Passes in Madden 21?

    Most of the plays end on the floor, so this will be the point of concentration to avoid these screen passes, with a normal defense they will always be far behind which allows the opponent to make the screen easily, what we will look for is cover the floor with at least one player, on both sides, which will cause a delay in their movements, since they may still be able to surround us, we will also find another opportunity by having the zonal defense take charge of covering some Precise areas of the field, which allows one to be aware of one of the offensive players, using the male defense will give us the possibility that the player goes after the one who tries to make the screen pass, we may not be successful but that if the opponent becomes attentive

     Finally, now that we know how to Stop Screen Passes we can move on to Madden 21.

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