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Angel Marquez
2022-02-15 03:58:20

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We welcome you to our Lost Ark guide where we will talk about how to unlock character select screen backgrounds.

What to know about the character select screen backgrounds in Lost Ark?

There are some wallpapers that can be seen blocked, when we try to change the character selection we find this, now to know how to unlock it, it is appropriate that we take into account this guide with the following content, let's see.

How to unlock character select screen backgrounds in Lost Ark?

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As long as we are the platinum founder we are going to access a very special wallpaper, only that it is required to have bought the game before it became free-to-play, considering that we must reach the level of our list, achieving add a new wallpaper as a reward, now in the case of the roster level it is different from that of the character, certainly with playing we will be improving the level of our list, the more we progress we have access to a lot of experience in the roster.

It is important that we highlight the beginning of the game, during which we will add the Prideholme wallpaper, while the others are blocked, these being Delphi Inn, Morai Ruins, Storm Grotto, Heart of Sceptrum, Mokoko Village, Red Curtain Arena, Ruined Castle, Rania Village, and the Great Journey.

 We can conclude that knowing how to unlock character select screen backgrounds is easier than thought, you just have to apply the instructions presented here and continue on in Lost Ark, a very busy game.

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