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2022-04-20 10:18:59

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Find out how to get the unicorn mount in this excellent and explanatory Lost Ark guide.

What to know about the unicorn mount in Lost Ark?

This is the most recent release for the game, in the same way as the previous ones, programming is necessary to watch the transmission, a requirement to obtain it, now different versions of the mount are presented when claiming it, now to know how to get the unicorn mount accurately let's closely follow this guide and its following content.

How to get the unicorn mount in Lost Ark?

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When watching the transmission we can claim it as a reward through our mail, for this it is important to have a Twitch account that is linked to the game and that we have Twitch drops enabled, otherwise we will go to the official website of the game, we log in with the Twitch account, then we will do the same with our Steam account, having the link we can go to see the transmission, then we will go to Twitch to see them, considering the Streamers that have the Drops Enabled label, we will do it for a couple of hours to get the unicorn mount.

After we have watched the broadcast for the necessary time, we have to go to the Twitch inventory to claim it, we will go to the game to check our mail to claim the mount through the chest, we will open it to choose the one we want and added to these 1000 fragments of amethyst, we can choose the frame between the colors white, pink, blue and black, we must take into account the limited event, we can claim this reward between April 12 to May 9 starting at 2 p.m. m. PT (9 pm UTC) and will end at 12 am. m. PST (7am UTC).

This is all there is to know about how to get the unicorn mount, you just have to apply the instructions, and we can achieve it in Lost Ark.

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