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Lidia Rozo
2022-12-15 02:27:44

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As we get into this game we are allowed to do a lot of things, let's look at How to Increase Charisma in Lost Ark.

What is charisma in Lost Ark?

  This is one of the four virtues that we have in this game and that allows us to make our character have:

  •   Goodness.
  •   Courage.
  •   Wisdom.

  Charisma is a very useful statistic, sometimes it will only be enough to apply a smile or a pat on the back, this is a mechanic that allows us to generate confidence, in this case, it is necessary to increase it because even the level depends on it. of Relationship with the NPCs of the game, being high, they will trust us much more.

How to increase charisma in Lost Ark?

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By gaining Virtue points we are able to distribute them among the four virtues, among them is Charisma, this makes us have a positive effect and it can be increased in various ways:

Completing secondary missions and missions: this is a first way to achieve it and this game offers us various missions that we can work on, they can be:

  • Short Missions.
  • Side missions.
  • Hidden side story missions.

Each type of mission usually offers us rewards and before accepting the mission we can see what we will be rewarded with, this to choose whether to accept it or not, the fine print will give us the information we require.

  • Chat with NPCs: this is another of the actions to execute and it is that talking is not a bad thing, on the contrary, it tends to favor us, it is ideal to have good relationships, this is usually viable when we find dialogue options and missions because we can interact , it is likely that this will form good relationships with some NPC and they end up trusting us, when completing the mission we will be rewarded with Charisma, in addition to sympathy and missions.
  • Consume potions: we continue in this task to learn how to increase charisma by Lost Ark and that is that sometimes we must be charming, the charisma potion allows us to do so, it is possible to take out a potion that we have in our inventory and this allows us to gain 10 statistic points of charisma, it should be noted that it is not possible to sell or exchange this type of potion.
  • Complete Una's tasks: Una's tasks are another of the methods that we can execute well, these are usually updated every day and week, they tend to offer us more Virtue when completing them, Charisma is included here.
  • Unlock achievements: this is another favorable task, this is usually done as we manage to complete important missions or, failing that, complete milestones, it should be noted that all achievements without exception usually offer us some reward, with some luck we will get Charisma, when we unlock some title, it's just a matter of working a little.
  • Equip equipment: this is another way to get charisma, it is an idea to form teams, this is practically our best friend, there are some pieces that require equipment and this in turn offers us certain temporary benefits to our Charisma stat, these pieces are rare and they can give us somewhat more viable charisma bonuses, to the point of getting around 20 additional points, with the high power we manage to ensure the flow of new missions, as well as interactions.

We conclude this guide on How to increase charisma in Lost Ark, hoping that the information provided can be used and thus continue to progress in this game.

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