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Today we bring a guide to explain how to get ship Blueprints in Lost Ark.

Why get ship blueprints in Lost Ark?

  Because these are necessary to build ships, this considering that they are usually necessary to carry out explorations, this considering that we are in a wide enough world and where we are facing the possibility of getting ourselves with:


  •   Bosses.
  • raids.
  • treasures.
  • Ankle boots.


How to get ship blueprints in Lost Ark?

  It is necessary to take into account that it is our task to survive, it is necessary to have Wood Pieces of ships and of course, ship blueprints, specifically today we are talking about ship plans and these are usually vital to improve the ship, there are three ways to get them and this implies:
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Buying from itinerant merchant ships: this makes it necessary to take care of going to each island, and we will see that there is always a port or dock in each one of them, here we will see ships, each merchant here usually differs, but most usually sell us ship plans, only We must approach these and proceed to press G, then we access the Updates menu, and they will sell us the plans, we only have to have Gienah coins.

Purchases from merchants in our fortress: it should be noted that sometimes we will receive the visit of some merchants, this usually happens every day and it is possible that one of these is selling ship Blueprints, we only have to have stamps to make the purchase, the plans they sell are:


  •   Duekhyeon.
  • illayne.
  • Rami.
  • tago.
  • flarke.


  Get event Blueprints: this is another way to do it, and it is that this game usually has several events in which we can participate, only these are usually available for a limited time, here we must embark on challenges that involve logging in for days in a row.

  This is all we know about how to get ship blueprints in Lost Ark, so it is necessary to apply some of the activities detailed here and that's it.

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