Lidia Rozo
2022-06-28 08:45:23

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Lost Ark has another bug, let's see How to fix the error how to fix error The selected region is closed.

What is the error The selected region is closed in Lost Ark?

  This is a problem that we recently encountered and usually occurs because it has been incorporated into South Korea, this has generated some problems with the server because the selected region is simply closed and does not allow us to access the server This is also related to the issue of the increase in players that the game has had in recent days.

How to fix error The selected region is closed in Lost Ark?

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How to Fix Lost Ark Error 0PELPWP1F2NT. Lost Ark is an action-packed MMORPG that takes you on a journey across a wondrous and beautiful world.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do, this error simply means that the server is offline or down and in this case we can not do anything, just be patient and wait while it comes back up.

 We must be attentive to social networks because through this channel the developers of the game usually post information and when the problem has been solved they will be in charge of notifying it, in the same way, they are the networks where we can get information about the status of the server .

 This type of error usually occurs when they perform some scheduled maintenance and this will cause many players to be queued, but this type of action itself does not usually last long, we must be patient and wait, sometimes this generates quick responses, other times it makes it necessary to go to the forums, getting many similar comments the developers will seek to work harder.

 We can conclude this guide on how to solve the error The selected region is closed, where we cannot offer an answer because it is out of our hands, we only have to be patient while solving the problem in Lost Ark, we invite you to keep an eye on our guides.

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