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As we progress in a game we are allowed to perform various tasks, let's see How to get the drumbeat island token in Lost Ark.

What is drumbeat island token in Lost Ark?

 This is nothing more than a collectible that we have in this game and that allows us to have the ability to level up our characters, so it is necessary to know how to obtain the drumbeat island token in Lost Ark, this does part of some difficult tasks that we face in the game and that involves taking care of collecting various rare items.

How to get drumbeat island token in Lost Ark?

 It is necessary to take into account that getting this relic makes it necessary to reach Drumbeat Island, a place that is usually full of adventures and that is not always accessible, it can be found in the East Sea of ​​Vern, which is northeast of Pleccia, so knowing How to get the drumbeat island token in Lost Ark implies accessing the island and here we must:
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Locate talking to an NPC named Scholar Obitan because he usually activates a series of missions that dream of rewarding us with the Drumbeat Island token.

This NPC gives us a mission called Mysterious Object and this involves looking through a telescope to locate the island, we must use the telescope before returning to Obitan.

Next, Obitan is given the task of obtaining and collecting the amount of 300 fragments in a certain period of time, this is part of the search for dangerous debris, so it is vital to take care of completing the mission to get Drumbeat Soul.

 We continue in the task to know How to obtain the drumbeat island token in Lost Ark and we must work on a main mission called La Cosa del Ciel, this is usually activated immediately after completing the last task, here we will have to take care of hitting a large white spherical slime that is usually located in the center of the island, we can use the Rabbit Hammer to attack.

 It is good to keep in mind that there are shiny slime mobs and these are usually generated outside the sphere, we will have to take care of these and proceed to hit them a few times to defeat them, when we manage to eliminate them we will see that these usually drop a considerable amount of loot.

 It is important to keep in mind that this task requires executing different searches on several occasions to keep the token, when we get it we will be rewarded with the amount of 10,000 Pirate Coins and Orbitan, in the same way it will offer us the amount of 1000 Gienach, this allows us to complete the final quest called Nagging Questions which we can run later.

 This is all you need to know about How to get the drumbeat island token in Lost Ark, just get involved in this search task.

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