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In the Lost Ark universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to get the abyss equipment and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about abyss Equipment in Lost Ark?

 Through something as important as the equipment it is possible to go through the dungeons and raids that are presented in the game, if we have our equipment with an inadequate level we will not progress in anything, the abyss equipment armor can be important and to access this, unlocking the corresponding dungeon is required, to help us in terms of How to get abyss equipment we can follow the content that follows, let's see.

How to get abyss equipment in Lost Ark?

You have to be level 50 and complete a set of missions, having this unlocked in Lost Ark we can enter the dungeon with the help of the portals that are around the settlements on the map, with a total of 11 abyss dungeons, these present level objects of corresponding objects, it must be considered in terms of How to obtain the equipment of the abyss and they are the following:
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  • At item level 325 you get the demon beast cannon
  • At item level 340 you get the origin of the necromancer
  • At item level 450 you get the Hall of the Twisted Warlord
  • With item level 460 you get Hildebrandt's Palace
  • With item level 840 you get the Lamenting Road
  • At item level 960 you get the Falling Proud Furnace
  • At item level 960 you get Karkosa's Silence
  • Item level 960 grants Alaric's sacred land
  • At item level 1325 you get Aira's eye
  • At item level 1325 you get Oreha Preveza


 Now each of these dungeons allows us to have the possibility of solving How to obtain the equipment from the abyss, only that the fall of this is very strange, it means that the safe option is to buy it, when we reach the end of each dungeon we find a chest of the abyss that has a processing material, it is the currency that is required to make this purchase in Lost Ark, these currencies are a total of 5 and are the following:


  •  Knight's Oath: Take it to Karleesa in Vern Castle, Gust in Luterra Castle, or Sabi in Rothun for crafting once found in Demon Beast Canyon and Nigromancer's Origin.
  • Craftsman's Faith: Must be taken to Geraldeen in Fieton or Doornyar in Yorn Castle for crafting, once we get it from Lamenting Road and Falling Proud Furnace.
  • Fury of the elemental: this must be given to Karleesa in Vern castle, Gust in Luterra castle or Sabi in Rothun for crafting, after having found it in the Hall of the Crooked Warlord and in Hildebrandt's Palace.
  • Guardian's Will: Bring it to Geraldeen in Fieton or Doornyar in Yorn's Great Castle for crafting by Sea of ​​Sloth, Alaric's Sacred Ground, and Silent Karkosa.
  • Sunset Scale: Take it to Karleesa in Vern Castle or Kostya in Nia's Village for crafting, after finding it through Oreha Preveza and Eye of Aira.


 For the purchase of the abyss equipment we have to collect enough, which will allow us to make the exchange, considering that we can visit each dungeon 3 times a week.

 Now that we know how to obtain the abyss equipment, it only remains to do it to continue in Lost Ark.

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