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Angel Marquez
2022-02-15 03:59:46

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With our Project Zomboid guide you will learn more about How to plumb.

What to know about plumbing in Project Zomboid?


This is something necessary that is required to make a sink, considering that we have a wrench, a sink and a rain collector, this has to do with plumbing and to get an idea of How to plumb let's consider the following content.


How to plumb in Project Zomboid?


The first thing we will do is to locate the sink, this by the buildings of the game, only that by the houses will be more often, the following is that we place our rain collector by the surface of the sink, certainly it is not something so direct, only with the tile adjacent to this, in the side of the building may be sufficient, having placed the rain collector, we have to make the connection with a sink employee right click choosing the option to probe in Project Zomboid, the following is to give in the option to probe the sink, which makes the character take out the wrench to start the work in the sink.

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Once the sink is ready probing, we access to common and running water, it is important to keep it, now as long as you have water the rain collector will remain in the sink water, then build several of these rain collectors can be ideal and very necessary for reserves, it is important to note on How to probe get the wrench, is something that will prove very simple because it is normal to find it in the same places as the other tools in the game, highlighting the closets, garages, hardware stores, fire stations and houses.


 In the case of the rain collector it requires objects such as 1 hammer, which is located by the closets, garages and hardware stores, 4 planks that can be found in the points of appearance of the tools or by dismantling furniture or sawing tree trunks, 4 nails that can be found by the tool cabinets, garages and hardware stores and 4 garbage bags that can be found by the garbage cans that are by the points such as stores, houses and gas stations.

This way we end our Project Zomboid guide, now you know how to plumb, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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