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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-18 04:21:47

More about: Lost Ark

Lost Ark continues to have problems, which leads us to explain how to solve the real crystal purchase error, let's see.

What are the actual crystals in Lost Ark?

These are nothing more than a game currency and getting it leads us to make use of real money, but we are having problems with it, and therefore we must know how to solve the real crystal purchase error, fortunately, there is a solution for this error, which usually frustrates us a bit, but thanks to some fixes we are allowed to continue playing normally.

How to fix real crystal purchase error in Lost Ark?

As we get into this game it becomes difficult to buy the real crystals, this is because it gives us a failed purchase message, or in some cases, we simply do not get to see them in the inventory, however, this problem has a solution and for this we are here, in this sense you can apply:

Opt to force stop Steam: This is a favorable and necessary fix:

  • Go to Task Manager.
  • Proceed to force detection of Steam.
  • Next, we start the client.
  • Next we enter Lost Ark.

We return to the purchase window to take a look at the payment methods and that they may be working.
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Choose to verify the integrity of the files: this is another method to know how to solve the purchase of real crystals' error, this is because there is the possibility that there are corrupt files, and therefore it gives us problems to make the purchase of real crystals.

Enable Steam Overlay - We continue to provide solutions in Lost Ark and to do so we need to:

  • Go to Lost Ark Settings.
  • Then go to the option within the game to activate Steam Overlay.
  • Then we start the game and that's it.

Run Steam as administrator:
This is another solution that we came across, and it offers us the privilege of executing some changes related to the client.

Correct the state of the server:
this is another fix to know how to solve the purchase of real crystals' error, and it is that while the servers are under maintenance or are down it is impossible to make any type of transaction.

Make use of another server:
sometimes the servers are overcrowded and this could mean that the purchase process cannot be executed successfully, in this sense, it is necessary to change the server to execute the payment and then try it on the main server.

Test the purchase button:
this is another option that could be applied and for this we must continue testing when pressing the button.

Check the internet connection: sometimes slow connections tend to throw us off and for this it is possible to restart the router or, failing that, contact the service provider.

Close Lost Ark and reopen it:
this is the last action to execute, but it can generate a kind of refresh.

 In this sense, knowing how to solve the real crystal purchase error allows you to have several fixes that you can try to solve this problem in Lost Ark, try it.

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