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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-18 04:04:06

More about: Total War Warhammer 3

Today we bring a Total War Warhammer 3 guide where we will explain how to fix Crashing at startup, let's see.

What is crashing at startup in Total War Warhammer 3?

 This is nothing more than an inconvenience that we get in this game that has just been released, encountering a crash when starting that can be quite frustrating, so it is necessary to know How to solve Crashing at startup to be able to access everything the content of the game that it promises, is a game where fantasy and strategy are usually mixed, providing us with a title that is not possible to miss.

How to fix Crashing at startup in Total War Warhammer 3 3?

 It is necessary to apply some simple fixes, but they are vital and if you are not up-to-date, you may run into this type of problem.

 Choose to have the most recent driver: it is necessary to take into account that updated drivers offer us the opportunity that the games do not present any problem and if they do not have it, it is advisable to update it.

 Have the minimum requirements to play on the PC:
this is another of the fixes that can work to know How to solve Crashing at startup, sometimes we do not have a computer where it is possible to launch the game and therefore Total War Warhammer 3 is blocked when starting.

 Run the game in a clean boot environment:
we continue to offer fixes and in case the previous solutions have not been useful, it is necessary to opt for other solutions, in this sense, it is necessary to take care of disabling third-party applications and proceed to launch Total War Warhammer 3 with the essentials of Windows, in this sense it is necessary:
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  • Press Window's R in order to type “msconfig” and proceed to press Enter.
  • Next, it is necessary to go to the Services tab to mark Hide all Microsoft services.
  • We proceed to click on Disable all and go to the Home tab.
  • Then we click Open Task Manager and disable one task at a time to finally reboot and launch the game again.

 Avoid using ALT+Tab:
this is another alternative to know How to fix Crashing at startup, this is usually used to exit the game, but the only thing we are going to achieve is that Total War Warhammer 3 crashes, in this sense, we must avoid using these keys to exit and access to play in windowed mode.

 Choose to reinstall or update DitectX and Vsual C Redistributable:
it is possible to take care of updating DirectX and this is usually done through the official page, in the case of Visual C Redistributable, we must download the new copy from the official Microsoft site, eliminating the versions 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022.

 Now that you know how to fix Crashing on startup you can apply some of these fixes and thus get the most out of Total War Warhammer 3.

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