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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-18 03:36:00

More about: Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West offers us a search, and we will tell you where to find the access code and the key of the Daunt relic ruins.

What is the point of finding the Daunt Relic Key and Access Key in Horizon Forbidden West?

 Having the opportunity to get the relics that are nothing more than an ornament and that it is usually necessary to find them, in this sense, knowing where to ffind The Daunt Relic Ruins passcode and key to the ruins of the Daunt relic leads us into a particular search, this considering that this game has various tasks that cannot be missed and for which we must use intelligence.

Where to find The Daunt Relic Ruins passcode and key in Horizon Forbidden West?

 It is necessary to take into account that the relic ruins are usually located south of Chainscrape, this is a place that is usually quite easy to recognize and this is due to the three wooden buildings that are usually in ruins and that usually reflect that they are from the past, so it is necessary to enter the first building that is located on the left in Horizon Forbidden West in order to observe a box that tends to be yellow and blue, so we must proceed to press Triangle and place it below from a higher platform that is usually located on the right side with the door closed, we are also allowed to have the possibility of seeing a yellow circle and it is from this where we can grab.

 We continue the tour in order to know where to find The Daunt Relic Ruins passcode and key relic, and it is necessary to take a look at the room that tends to be closed, we must consider that it is vital to enter it, but for this we require a terminal that is nothing more than a kind of key, so that it is necessary to embark on a search task to get the key, in addition to the code that allows us to enter, so that we proceed to go in the direction To the left of the locked room in order to see a wooden ramp, it becomes necessary to sprint with L3 and proceed to jump across in order to get to the next building in Horizon Forbidden West.
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It is essential to let ourselves fall and by doing so we manage to observe something that is purple in a bank that is destroyed, we just have to hold down R3 so that we are allowed to scan it, which offers us the note where the access code is usually included, which we will get to later, but which is part of this quest to know where to find the access code and the key to the Daunt relic ruins.

 It is important to keep in mind that we must get the green chest and for this we must equip our Pullcaster, this is a task that is achieved just by pressing L1 and Triangle, once we have performed this action we are allowed to see that the chest usually contains :


  •  A booby trap.
  • Five machine muscles.
  • Three metal shards.
  • Two wild meats.
  • Six medicinal berries.
  • Seven bites of metal.

 Once we have managed to take the proper rewards from this chest in Horizon Forbidden West we must proceed to walk a bit in order to get a blue and yellow block, this usually happens in the second level, so we have to use our Pullcaster and proceed to tie the whip to the box in order to make it fall.

 Next, we must turn around where we will see above that there is another object similar to a vent on Aloy's head, in this sense it is necessary to pull in order to reveal a tunnel that we can enter by crawling, to the right we It allows us to observe a pillar that contains a blue mark and it is here that we will have to use the shooter in order to climb to the tunnel with the box that we have lowered.

 The tasks to know where to find The Daunt Relic Ruins passcode and key continue to occur and in this sense we are located in the third building where we will see a hole in the ground and where it is necessary to go under it to see an exit, it is possible to try to climb, but one of the yellow handles usually falls, so we will meet at the end of the tunnel where we are allowed to see the ceiling, as well as a blue metal hanging above us, this is where we will use the Pullcaster again to lower the rock in order to form a new hole, in this sense, it is necessary to return to the surface in order to make the wall fall that is usually located between the second and third building in Horizon Forbidden West, we proceed to take the block from the second building to push it into the hole we just created, when we get this metal to be in the tunnel we must continue taking it to the area of ​​handles and proceed to use the box in the second building to climb out of the tunnel and thus continue to the next area.

 We managed to reach the top of the third building, which makes it necessary to take care of looking for a chest that usually has a blue light, this is usually located on the left side of the balcony, so we must drop down to take it, with this we get the key and our search about where to find The Daunt Relic Ruins passcode and key is taking shape, in this sense, it is vital to return to the first building to go up to the room that is closed, we must press the touch panel in order to open the menu and switch to the "Notebook" section, also with the L1 or R1 buttons we will search for "Datapoints", then it is necessary to take care of moving in order to reach "Relic Ruins", It will only be enough to read the text file and that is where the access code is revealed to us, which is nothing more than 1705.

 Now that we have the Horizon Forbidden West code, it is necessary to enter the number 1705 in the terminal that is located to the left of the door that is closed so that it opens, once this has been done we are allowed to observe the ornament, only We enter to pick you up and that's it.

 This is all we know about where to find The Daunt Relic Ruins passcode and key, so it becomes necessary to embark on a long and interesting quest in Horizon Forbidden West.

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