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Learn and Discover the secrets How to get Kukajin’s Sword in Lords of the Fallen

Welcome, fellow gamers! In this guide, we'll show you how to obtain Kukajin's Sword early on in Lords of the Fallen. Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure as we delve into the Forsaken Fen and unlock this powerful weapon. Let's get started!


How to Get Kukajin's Sword in Lords of the Fallen 

Step 1: Journey to the Forsaken Fen

To begin your quest for Kukajin's Sword, make your way to the Forsaken Fen area. This area may seem daunting at first, with its eerie atmosphere and formidable enemies, but fear not! You're well on your way to acquiring a weapon that will aid you in your journey.

Step 2: Defeat the Congregator of Flesh

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Once you've arrived in the Forsaken Fen, your first challenge awaits - the Congregator of Flesh. This boss is a mighty foe, but with your skills and determination, you can overcome it. Prepare yourself for an intense battle and show no mercy, for only by defeating the Congregator of Flesh will you progress further towards your goal.

Step 3: Reach the Vestige of Valade

After emerging victorious over the Congregator of Flesh, continue your journey until you reach the Vestige of Valade within the Forsaken Fen. This eerie location holds countless secrets waiting to be discovered. Take your time to explore and uncover hidden paths and treasures along the way.

Step 4: Navigate towards a Hidden Area

From the Vestige of Valade, head towards your right and follow the path that leads to a tranquil water-filled area with a majestic tree. As you make your way through this area, stay alert as danger lurks ahead. Be prepared to face challenging enemies that guard the path to Kukajin's Sword.

Step 5: Unlocking Hidden Doors

Beside the Vestige of Valade lies a locked door eagerly awaiting exploration. To unlock this door, you must move forward from the majestic tree and take a sharp left. Here, you will uncover a hidden area concealed behind breakable wood and a Vestige Seed bed. Clear the path and continue on your journey.

Step 6: Confronting the Petrified Girl

Prepare yourself for an encounter with none other than the Petrified Girl herself! This mysterious character holds the key to obtaining Kukajin's Sword. Face her head-on and engage in combat. Use your skills and tactics to defeat her and claim Kukajin's Sword as your own. This mighty weapon will become a formidable addition to your arsenal.

Alternative Option

Alternatively, if you possess healing spells, show compassion towards the Petrified Girl. Instead of engaging in combat, heal her wounds and follow her questline. She will move towards Skyrest Bridge, where you will have the opportunity to acquire Kukajin's Sword through a different path. This alternative option adds depth to the game and allows you to make moral choices on your journey.

Kukajin's Sword

Once you've obtained Kukajin's Sword, you will wield a truly remarkable weapon. This mighty blade boasts an attack power of 69 and a status effect of 60 Bleed. With its impressive stats, Kukajin's Sword will be a force to be reckoned with. It scales with Strength E and Agility C-, requiring a minimum Strength of 8 and Agility of 12. This means that as your character's Strength and Agility stats increase, the power of Kukajin's Sword will also grow, making it a formidable choice throughout your playthrough.

Congratulations on acquiring Kukajin's Sword! You've overcome challenges, explored hidden areas, and emerged victorious in your quest. With this powerful weapon by your side, may you continue to conquer all that stands in your way. Lords of the Fallen offers a thrilling gaming experience, and obtaining Kukajin's Sword is just one of the many exciting adventures awaiting you. Happy gaming!

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