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With our top-notch guide on How to get Large Deralium Shards in Lords of the Fallen! Level up your gear.

In the treacherous world of Lords of the Fallen, the road to upgrading gear and enhancing materials like Umbral Lamp and Sanguinarix is paved with rare treasures known as Large Deralium Shards. These shards, though harder to come by than regular nuggets and small fragments, are crucial for reaching maximum gear levels and achieving the best possible gameplay experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the best way to farm Large Deralium Shards, offering insights and strategies to ensure success in your quest.

How to get Large Deralium Shards in Lords of the Fallen

Understanding the Importance of Large Deralium Shards

Before delving into the specifics of farming Large Deralium Shards, it is essential to grasp their significance within the game. Large Deralium Shards are the key to upgrading your gear and enhancing materials. With their help, you can improve the power and effectiveness of your weapons, armor, and other crucial equipment. These shards are rarer than their smaller counterparts, making farming them a necessary endeavor for any dedicated player.

Farming Method: Defeat the Ruiner Boss at Lower Calrath

The Ruiner boss, residing in the Lower Calrath area, is the primary source of Large Deralium Shards in Lords of the Fallen. Defeating this formidable foe guarantees the drop of one Large Deralium Chunk upon the boss's demise. By repeatedly defeating the Ruiner, you can accumulate a substantial number of shards to fuel your upgrades.

Preparations Before Farming

Before embarking on your journey to farm Large Deralium Shards, certain preparations are necessary. Firstly, ensure that you have one Vestige seed in your inventory. Vestige seeds play a crucial role in activating the Seedling necessary to summon the Ruiner boss. If you do not possess a Vestige seed, fear not, as they can be obtained from various sources within the game.

Accessing the Ruiner Boss

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To access the Ruiner boss, you must follow the Alehouse Vestige path. This path will lead you to a building where the boss awaits. Once inside, navigate through the treacherous halls until you find yourself on a floor filled with flames. Exit the building by falling down from this floor, and you will find yourself in the arena where the Ruiner awaits.

Using Vestige Seed on a Seedling

Upon entering the arena, your next objective is to locate a Seedling. This Seedling can be found on an upper platform near the Ruiner boss. Once you've located the Seedling, use one of the Vestige seeds from your inventory to activate it. This activation will summon the Ruiner boss, initiating the battle.

Defeating the Ruiner Boss

Now that the Ruiner has been summoned, it's time to face this formidable opponent. As with any boss battle in Lords of the Fallen, careful strategy and precision are key to emerging victorious. Study the Ruiner's attack patterns and weaknesses, and adapt your playstyle accordingly. Utilize your skills, weapons, and armor effectively to maximize your chances of success. Remember, perseverance is the key to triumph.

Collecting Large Deralium Chunks

Upon defeating the Ruiner boss, you will be rewarded with one Large Deralium Chunk as loot. These chunks can be collected from the boss's remains and stored in your inventory. To optimize your farming process, it is advisable to return to Gerlinde, the trusted merchant, with a full inventory of Large Deralium Chunks. Gerlinde will exchange these chunks for Large Deralium Shards, which can be used for upgrading gear and enhancing materials.

In conclusion, farming Large Deralium Shards in Lords of the Fallen is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. By following this comprehensive guide, you can efficiently navigate the treacherous path to obtaining these rare shards. Defeating the Ruiner boss and collecting Large Deralium Chunks will enable you to reach maximum gear levels, enhancing your gameplay experience and empowering you to face the game's most formidable challenges. Happy farming, and may your journey through the world of Lords of the Fallen be filled with triumph and adventure!

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