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Discover the secrets of How to get the Teleporter in Lethal Company and unlock new dimensions of gameplay.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to obtain and use the Teleporter in Lethal Company. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the steps required to acquire this valuable tool and provide some useful tips for its optimal usage. So, let's get started!

How to get the Teleporter in Lethal Company

 Earning Credits and Preparing for the Teleporter

To obtain the Teleporter in Lethal Company, you must first earn 375 credits. These credits can be earned by farming items within the game. This involves collecting resources and successfully completing tasks or missions. The process of earning credits can be time-consuming, so it's important to be patient and persistent.

Additionally, it is recommended to have at least one other player accompanying you while attempting to acquire the Teleporter. Having a teammate can help you manage the challenges and obstacles that may arise during the process.

Understanding Teleporter Functionality

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The Teleporter in Lethal Company is a powerful tool that allows players to transport themselves and others to different locations in the game world. It is primarily used for transporting individuals who are being monitored by the Terminal Radar.

One important feature of the Teleporter is the ability to change the camera view. By typing "View Radar" followed by "Switch" inside the Terminal computer, players can get a different perspective while using the Teleporter. This can be particularly useful for strategic planning and scouting out new areas.

Activation Process

Once you have earned the required credits and are ready to acquire the Teleporter, you will need to locate the ship controls. Approach the ship controls and press the 'E' key next to them. This will activate the Teleporter and allow you to use it.

After activating the Teleporter, you will need to press 'E' again to remove a glass covering on the Teleporter button. This will initiate the Teleporter's usage and allow you to teleport to a different location.

 Important Considerations

While the Teleporter is a valuable tool, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when using it:

  • It's important to note that when using the Teleporter, all items carried by players will be lost upon teleportation. This means that it's essential to carefully plan and prioritize what items you want to bring with you before using the Teleporter.
  • Keep in mind that there is a 10-second cooldown period after each use of the Teleporter. This cooldown period allows the Teleporter to recharge and prevents players from using it too frequently. It's important to be mindful of this cooldown and plan your teleportations accordingly.
  • While the Teleporter may seem like a convenient way to fast travel within the game, it's worth mentioning that it does not retain any items during teleportation. This means that if you need to transport valuable items or resources, it's better to consider alternative methods of transportation.

Congratulations! By following these steps outlined in our friendly guide, you should now be well-equipped with the knowledge on how to obtain and effectively utilize the Teleporter in Lethal Company. Remember to earn enough credits from farming items, ensure another player accompanies you, and be mindful of the Teleporter's cooldown and item loss upon teleportation.

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