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2024-04-25 07:31:04

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With our help you will see that knowing How To Fix Cutscenes With Low FPS in Kingdom Come Deliverance is easier than you thought.

What to know about the low FPS scenes in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Starting a new game and finding that scenes are playing at a significantly low frame rate can be disappointing, this problem can seem impossible to solve as the frame rate drops to just ten frames and then abruptly returns to normal after which concludes the scene. Even changing the game settings does not seem to have any effect on the shaky and choppy screens, now looking to know How To Fix Cutscenes With Low FPS in Kingdom Come Deliverance there are indications in this guide that may be useful, let's see.

How To Fix Cutscenes With Low FPS in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

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Unfortunately, there is no in-game solution to fix low FPS, however, there is a workaround that we can apply.

  • We start the game and make sure we are playing in full screen mode before exiting, this method will not work if we are playing in windowed or borderless mode.
  • If we are playing through Steam, we right click on Kingdom Come: Deliverance and choose "Manage Files".
  • If we are not using Steam, we locate the game installation directory in Program Files on our computer.
  • We create a new text document titled "user.cfg" in the installation directory by right-clicking anywhere in the folder.
  • We open the file using Notepad.
  • In the Notepad file, we write the following: "r_VSync = 0 sys_MaxFPS = X" (without quotes).
  • For X, we replace with our monitor's refresh rate (e.g. 60, 120, 144).

Once we have completed all the previous steps, we return to the game and watch a cutscene. We should not experience any drops in FPS. If the problem persists, we may have to repeat the instructions from the beginning.

Finally, now that we have clarity on How To Fix Cutscenes With Low FPS in Kingdom Come Deliverance, all that remains is to apply the instructions to have a better quality of playability in this incredible game.

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