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2024-04-23 11:30:18

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We have made a guide where we will tell you everything about How to get true Zangetsu in Reaper 2.

What to know about the real Zangetsu in Reaper 2?

Before getting the true Zangetsu, it is first necessary to know that we must possess the Zangetsu and the Vizard. The Zangetsu is a formidable Shikai, displaying immense destructive capabilities and dizzying speed in its bankai form. However, achieving it is not an easy task, because it has only a 1% chance of acquisition. The Vizard, on the other hand, can only be acquired by killing Kisuke Urahara, who is found on the mountain near Acid Hollows. However, access to it is limited to those on Prestige 3.

How to get true Zangetsu in Reaper 2?

Locating the real Zangetsu in Reaper 2

Once we have the Zangetsu and the Vizard, we will go to Kisuke's cabin in the Frozen Mountains to talk to him. He will transport us to the Royal Palace, we have two challenges to complete.

The first challenge

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When we arrive at the Royal Palace, we will speak with Ōetsu, who will transport us to the first test necessary to obtain the True Zangetsu, this test requires us to participate in a fierce battle, for which we must use skills that inflict significant damage to ensure victory. At the end, we return to Ōetsu and report what happened. We will then be instructed to speak to the Guardian for the next test.

The second challenge

We continue in How to get the real Zangetsu in Reaper 2, when The Gatekeeper transports us to the second test, we will face The Walkway, demanding agility and precision. A series of letters will appear on our screen, and we must quickly type them on our keyboard as they appear. A single mistake will cause a crash, and we will have to restart. Once finished, we will be rewarded with the True Zangetsu skill.

Zangetsu's true power in Reaper 2

Then, having conquered both tests and obtained the True Zangetsu, its power becomes ours. It gives us three abilities:

  • Dash Forward.
  • Cross Slash.
  • Getsuga Juujisho.

Now that you know how to get true Zangetsu in Reaper 2, you can embark on this task and be rewarded for achieving it, try it.

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