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With our help you will see that knowing How to Clean the Filter Station in Harold Halibut is easier than you thought.

What to know about the filter station at Harold Halibut?

By accompanying Professor Mareaux to the laboratory at Harold Halibut and obtaining the PDA, players will be instructed to complete two tasks. Specifically, we will be tasked with cleaning the filter station and feeding the fish. It's not uncommon for fans to feel perplexed about how to perform these actions. To alleviate this confusion, the explanatory content of How to Clean the Filter Station in Harold Halibut has been provided and is presented below.

How to Clean the Filter Station in Harold Halibut?

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The filter station and fish food source are located at LVL 2 of the Lab District. For optimal efficiency, we start by cleaning the filter station, then collect the fish food, and finally feed the fish. However, it is not mandatory to follow this order, for those of us trying to clean the filter station, the first step is to leave the laboratory. Then, we continue to the left and go down the adjacent stairs near the Hall until we reach LVL 2. From there, we will go to the right to enter Filtration Pump 014F and interact with the device in the upper left corner of the room, by doing so With the device, we will be able to take a closer look at the mechanism. The steps remain as follows:

  • We press up, down, down to navigate to the square in the lower right corner.
  • We press the Interact entry.
  • We press down to highlight the symbol with a zero.
  • We press the Interact entry.
  • We press down to highlight the moving spiral.
  • We press the Interact entry.

Upon completing the purification of the filter station, players must venture to the far left of LVL 2 and enter the Botanical Concepts area 022F. We are going to meet Cyrus in this room and we will have to talk to him to continue. After a brief dialogue, Harold will receive provisions and we must deliver them to the fish, we simply return to the Laboratory Room and interact with the metal apparatus located in front of the expansive window. This interaction will quickly mark the task as finished, granting us the freedom to use the adjacent Metro and travel to Agora Arcades.

This is all there is to know regarding How to Clean the Filter Station in Harold Halibut, which will allow us to continue our progress while we apply what is indicated in this guide.

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