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2024-04-22 12:05:59

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In this entry of our guide, we are going to explain to you exactly how to find Coco in Harold Halibut.

What to know about finding Coco in Harold Halibut?

Entering another interesting activity within this game, which is full of various tasks, today we tell you how to find Coco in Harold Halibut, this involves taking care of completing main objectives, so we invite you to stay here to discover it.

How to find Coco in Harold Halibut?

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It is necessary to focus on completing the main objectives, chapter 2 has the key to find Coco, but only after talking to Rafi and returning to the Lab District. We reached this milestone in approximately five hours of play, although those who choose not to complete optional tasks have the ability to arrive sooner.

Regarding the procedure for confronting Coco, Harold encounters the avian creature in the corridor, just after exiting the tube in the Laboratory District. In such a situation, storytelling-focused game enthusiasts must passionately pursue Coco, browsing through Lab Quarters. This quest culminates when Professor Mareaux successfully captures the bird, seamlessly moving on to the task of returning Coco to Captain Zoya.

It is worth noting that, although no achievement is awarded for completing the optional Finding Coco quest, it is possible to receive a page for our notebook by reuniting Captain Zoya with his avian comrade. This increases the satisfaction with stop-motion aesthetics as we get closer to obtaining the coveted Forschergeist achievement, which focuses on completing Harold's notebook and undoubtedly sparks a lot of interest in completing the game to 100%.

It is worth noting that the existence of several achievements within Harold Halibut can easily go unnoticed. These can't-miss achievements usually manifest as optional tasks that materialize on Harold's PDA, but that's not always the case. Wanting to strive to complete the game and not being interested in embarking on multiple playthroughs of the game, it is ideal to consult an achievement guide before continuing too much.

Note: we can get an achievement by playing for more than 15 hours. This means that it is possible to avoid rushing with Harold Halibut, since he should participate in a relaxed manner.

Now that you know How to find Coco in Harold Halibut, you can embark on this task and access it, try it.

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