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2020-12-04 07:47:56

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Our tour of Immortals Fenyx Rising allows us to explain to you How to break walls, let's see.

What is the point of breaking walls in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

This is simply one of the tasks that we achieve in this game and it allows us to have the option of saving some friends or family from a tragedy because as we progress we realize that during this trip it is possible to get to Typhoon, a monstrous god capable of destroying many things without caring about anything, for which it arises necessarily to be properly prepared.
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How to break walls in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

 Our objective in this game leads us to continually explore and this is favorable since we are immersed in an open world where there is the possibility of observing some amount of brick walls, this in a way is an obstacle to obtaining treasures, but not necessarily This usually stays this way, also, we must consider that the sword is not always our best alternative to break them, for which it is necessary to take care of becoming as strong as possible and thus being able to generate an attack as powerful as possible with the Ax that we have obtained in the first labyrinth of the Tartaros, something that at this point in the game must have already achieved since it usually occurs in the introductory level.

 Now with the ax in our possession, it will only be necessary:

  •  Go to any wall and proceed to barter it.
  • Then press the R2 button on PS or RT on Xbox.


 Knowing how to break walls is actually necessary because as we play we get some puzzles that may contain certain elements that act as an obstacle and do not allow us to reach certain objectives, so now you can be alert to the walls that can be broken due to behind them there may be necessary and vital resources.

 This is all we can tell you about How to break walls because, in reality, it is only enough to be properly prepared with our ax in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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