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The new challenges in Fortnite lead us to explain where to find all the fish in season 5.

What to know about Fortnite?

There is the option to fish in the game, which is possible throughout the map, considering that some fish depend on some conditions to be caught, then the question that arises is where to find all the fish in season 5 since it is what will be covered in the following content of this guide, let's just pay close attention to understand.
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Where to find all the fish in season 5 in Fortnite?

This season we will have the existence of at least 40 fish, now we will see the details of the locations of these:


 Anywhere on the map:

  •  The black and bluefish
  • The molten spicy fish
  • The Blue Smallfry
  • The Flopper Variations
  • The small light blue deep fryer
  • The Blue Slurpfish
  • The purple and orange thermal
  • The Top Smallfry purple
  • Tan fry
  • The sip of jellyfish
  • The silver thermalism


In mountainous regions:

  •  The peeled jellyfish conditioned to the professional fishing rod
  • Atlantic hops conditioned to a professional fishing rod
  • Spicy fish with white spots
  • The purple sip fish

In the swamps:

  • The white Slurpgisg conditioned at night and with the professional fishing rod
  • The spicy fish of the south
  • The Chinook Hop Flopper
  • The Yellow Slurpfish
  • The hugging jellyfish


The shore fish:

  •  The Black Slurpfish that is fished alone at night
  • Thermal Raven Fish with Professional Fishing Rod
  • The blue spicy fish
  • The Thermal Raven Fish
  • Chum Hop Flopper
  • The black striped shield fish
  • The purple jellyfish


In forest regions:

  •  The coho hop flopper
  • The green thermal fish
  • Red and green termites
  • The green shield fish
  • Drifting spicy fish


 Now to catch them we must use the same strategies that we used in past seasons, in our inventory we must have the fishing rod that is obtained around the water, in the chests, barrels, or on the ground and then do the following:


  •  We equip it
  • We look for the correct angle for the casting of the line
  • The white water circles are our fishing spots to consider
  • To fix our location it is necessary to hold down the action button and release it when the precise point is found
  • Wait for the fish to fall
  • Once the hook has submerged we have to pick it up with the reel.
  • Managing to get fish or even weapons.

 In this way we culminate with the explanation about where to find all the fish in season 5, we hope it will be of great support for your progress in Fortnite.

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