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2020-12-04 09:04:16

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Find out how to save your game in this excellent and explanatory guide of ¡PHOGS !.

What to know about PHOGS !?

In the game, each progress is of vital importance, so it is ideal that it be saved so as not to have to go through the same progress, certainly this is something that will become automatic, but it is ideal that it be understood How to save your game and it is here in this guide where the answers are presented below.

How to save your game in PHOGS !?

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When completing a task or reaching a new one, the auto save is activated, then managing to continue from that point when entering the main menu at the time of wanting to continue, but manually there is no function, it is necessary to progress so that we can save our game, either go through a worm portal or complete the area of ​​the current level and in this way the icon indicating the save is presented automatically, now there is the possibility of changing the save files, taking into account that we are offered Only 3 per game to be chosen, this always use the first one by default and we will continue, from the main menu it is possible to make the change by choosing the save option, having the 3 files available which it is possible to make the change between them or even delete some from here, but you have to be attentive to what we find in this menu.

In conclusion, knowing how to save your game is excellent because we can get the most out of PHOGS! while we have fun.

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