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Angel Marquez
2020-12-04 15:56:15

More about: ¡PHOGS !

PHOGS! It is a very lively game and today it leads us to discover How to play with friends in Co-op, let's see.

What to know about PHOGS !?

It is a game that is more cooperative in its entirety, so it is ideal to have a friend whom you add to this incredible adventure, certainly the social interaction currently is not ideal, but nevertheless it is ideal that it be understood How to play with friends in cooperative and is the central theme of this guide, so let's go into the details.

How to play cooperatively with friends in PHOGS !?

At the beginning we will be asked if we will play with one or two controls, if we go alone or in a local cooperative, once we are in the game one of us will be managing the blue movement and the other the red one, only to get to This in the Switch for example presents some problems, which require to redo the choice of controls in the menu and make the connection again, being an obligation for the first time but then from here everything will be working correctly, in the others consoles the same situation may occur, so reconnecting the controls is the possible solution.
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It is necessary that we go through the menu options by pressing more, since depending on the platform that we are, we will be able to choose the controls by pressing a button on the right shoulder, it is ideal to add a player if previously we were playing individually, changing Then the configuration of a control to 2 controls, in case we are going to play in linear what we will do in entering the menu more on the Switch, in options on the PS4 / PS5, menu on the Xbox One / X series and do The choice of online, bearing in mind the opening of a list of friends and that we can send them an invitation to play to anyone, but this totally restarts the progress we have had, being lost, the host is key for the saved to be used.

It is clear that knowing how to play with friends cooperatively leads us to have more fun in a game as busy as ¡PHOGS !.

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