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Angel Marquez
2021-01-21 15:45:38

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Delve into the universe of Hitman 3, because this time we will talk about How to check challenges.

What to know about the challenges in Hitman 3?

  Through these we are able to increase our level of mastery, in our main menu it is possible to view them prior to the start of any mission, however it is appropriate that in seeking to complete them we know how to check challenges, this will allow us to have a precise handling of what we are doing in the level, now it is necessary to consider the next details of this guide, let's see them.

How to check challenges in Hitman 3?

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Being in the middle of a mission, we only have to press the touch panel on the PS4 or the backspace on the Xbox One, which will take us to the menu, then we look for the challenge section option where we will visualize all those corresponding to the mission in the that we are, on the PC we can do it with the F1, to separate the completed ones from those that are not, we must press the Y or the Triangle being in the menu, while the F is for the PC, certainly the challenges do not require completing the mission necessarily, this can be registered as completed without completing the mission, only by saving and reloading it is then possible in different ways to complete various challenges, which will help to not have the need to replay the level to make a kill with cable fiber as a challenge, or that of headshot, drowning and more, challenges are important to our mastery, so considering them is always necessary.

 So we finish our guide on How to check challenges, hoping you can get the best out of Hitman 3, a very busy game.

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