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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-01-22 04:52:18

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In this opportunity, we have prepared everything you need to know about how to open the Dartmoor safe in Hitman 3.

What is the Dartmoor safe at Hitman 3?

During the second mission of the game, you will find yourself in a manor house on Dartmoor, Devon, in which you will have to take out Alexa Carlisle, who is there with her family to prepare for her funeral. In addition to this, you will have to find a file before completing the level, said file is in the Dartmoor safe and here we will tell you how to open the Dartmoor safe.

How to open the Dartmoor safe in Hitman 3?

The first thing to do, if you are wondering how to open the Dartmoor safe, is to go to Mrs. Carlisle's office, on the top floor of the mansion, where you will find the safe.

When going up, you will have to get rid of the security guard of the mansion, to be able to move through the floors of the house with greater comfort, in addition to this, there are two on the balcony and another in the office, go up the stairs to the upper floor and Find the room with a desk that corresponds to Carlisle's office at Hitman 3.

Next to the desk is an armchair and on the arm of the armchair there is a button that will allow you to remove the side paint and reveal the safe.
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The next thing to do if you are wondering how to open the Dartmoor safe in Hitman 3, is to find the 4-digit code that will allow you to open the safe.

There are four icons above the keyboard, each one represents one of the numbers needed to open, what you have to do is find the four things in Carlisle's office and find the number that will be next to them.

The first object is the clock that is to the right of the office entrance, you will find a 1 on the table.

Then you will have to climb the stairs inside, and you will find the telescope by the window, you will find a 9 on the wall behind.

In the fireplace in the main room area, you will find a 7 on the wall behind the fire.

Lastly on the big deer head on the wall above the bedroom door, go up the stairs to where the telescope is and use your camera to zoom into the wall above the deer, you will find a 5 if you use the camera.

So the code to open the safe is: 1975.

 Now that you know how to open the Dartmoor safe in Hitman 3, you are more than ready to finish the second mission of the game, after obtaining the files from the Dartmoor safe.

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