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Angel Marquez
2021-01-21 15:44:04

More about: Hitman 3

This time we return with a Hitman 3 guide, aiming to explain to you about the crowbar location in Dubai.

What to know about Hitman 3?

  Throughout the different tasks in the game we will come to require the lever, with which we can have access to the different cuts and break locks, specifically if we talk about Dubai we are going to run into a significant number of closed doors, which will make the use of this resource more necessary, which makes it necessary to understand the location of the lever in Dubai and its proper explanation is given below.

What is the crowbar location in Dubai at Hitman 3?

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At this level in Dubai we have 2 places to find the lever, one is on the second level of the building that is north of the art gallery, it is the maintenance area, so a costume is required to access, certainly upon entering we find the lever in a box in a corridor where there are workers and guards, now the other location for the lever is on the second level, but this time south of the art gallery, on a wooden deck on the outside under the helipad, the lever is in the wooden box, we just have to consider the maintenance worker who is guarding the place, there is a possibility that there are other locations for the lever, only those mentioned here are the easier to access, being such a necessary resource, it must be obtained.

  In conclusion, knowing the crowbar location in Dubai is excellent, because it will help us to advance further in Hitman 3.

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