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Today we bring you the N1 punch card guide regarding Fortnite with precise details.

What to know about N1 punch card in Fortnite?

The punch card N1 focuses on the handling of cars, the challenges that are required will be simple, especially if we are already in some way knowledgeable about the handling of cars, with cards of this class it is possible to earn an amount of XP In addition, it is just that the duties to be done to complete them are not so clear, it is necessary that we understand some aspects such as the correct car for this job, now in the punch card guide N1 we will see very precise details, let's pay attention to what will be presented to continuation.
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    How to complete the N1 punch card challenge in Fortnite?

    This challenge leads us first to find a car or truck, it is ideal that we go with a partner to Salty Springs, a suitable place for a car delivery point, after we cover this aspect it is necessary that we reach 25,000 meters of travel in Fortnite, we could become a considerable distance but it will be very fast to achieve, without a partner we can also complete this challenge, only that they will require that we reach a certain agreement with an opponent, taking into account that it can reveal at any time against us, when we are in the car we can take melee damage, there is still much to see in the punch card guide N1, let's move on.

    Driving has many additional challenges to complete apart from the N1 punch card, with the recent update we see the incorporation of these, the recent updates can sometimes have bugs so passing this kind of challenges in advance may be the best for We at Fortnite, without getting interrupted as the ships pass, with the punch card guide N1 at least we can complete the challenges that it brings.

    Knowing the N1 punch card guide allows us to have greater performance and fun in Fortnite.

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