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Guide How to Complete Bob's Heart Transplant in Surgeon Simulator 2

Your first surgical procedure is nothing more and nothing less than a heart transplant to a man we know as Bob. Just in case, Bob is a medical doll, so you don't need to feel too bad about killing him. A simple but complex game at the same time, in this guide we will teach you How to complete Bob's heart transplant.
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How to complete Bob's heart transplant in Surgeon Simulator 2?

The first step is to register and introduce yourself as the doctor you are, so you will have to enter the consultation through the door on the right and you will find an identification card in a box. Take it to the door and leave it on the shelf in front of the scanner.

The next thing to do is prepare the room for the surgery. You will have to collect some yellow and red syringes from the left side of the room.

Being a very complex game, you have the freedom to push and pull the machinery as long as you have your implements at hand. Take two or three of each and leave them on the counter next to Bob.

Once done, head to the second room on the right and grab a hammer to open his chest. The last thing to do is walk up the stairs through the door near the room that stores the heart. You will need an ID and Bob's heart to open the door.

Go up the stairs and take the ID from the right corner of the room, lower it and place it on the shelf in front of the scanner. You are now ready to begin surgery.

How you will start to perform the operation here we leave you the necessary steps to complete it:

  • -Take the hammer to break both sides of Bob's rib cage.
  • -Remove the ribs
  • -Remove the lungs
  • -Use a yellow syringe to prevent Bob from bleeding and a red one to replace the lost blood. Both can be verified on the scanner in front of Bob's head
  • -Take out Bob's heart and place it on the shelf on the left side of the door with the scanner.
  • -Get in and pull the red handle to dispense a new heart
  • Insert the new heart into your chest

And ready! mission complete.

An extra piece of information that can save you is that if, accidentally, you tear off any of Bob's limbs, you must reattach them in order to be approved for the operation.

 Now that you know how to complete Bob's heart transplant in Surgeon Simulator 2 you will be able to perform the best (fun) operations in the entire game. Have fun!

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