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2020-10-29 13:21:36

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With our Ghostrunner guide you will learn more about How to beat goalkeeper Tom.

Who is goalkeeper Tom in Ghostrunner?

He is one of the bosses that we will face in the game with the need to progress in it, so to understand How to beat goalkeeper Tom it is ideal that we pay attention to the content that is going to be presented in this explanatory guide, then let's do it.

How to beat goalkeeper Tom in Ghostrunner?

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The First Phase: in this we will find a series of lasers that will be in constant motion, without there being any safe area, here few control are presented, the hooks will have a greater reach and it is possible to use the pair of rotations that are found around the tower, the laser pattern remains the same if we die, it is important to master the combination of actions to go much further.

The Second Phase: it is necessary in this to avoid a pulse wave that is capable of killing us instantly, this affects the outer wall, so we will find a place to stop to be safe for a certain time, the lasers will return here So there is no rest, we will have many control points and it is vital that we master the rhythm of the pulse and the time that our wall runs to reach the jumps.

The Third Phase:
it is necessary that we reach the remaining weak points, the tower at the end crashes, in the direction of the rotating lasers we can run and crouch, then with jumping through these we can avoid the next wave, taking into account the importance of time in this situation, we must calculate our movements well to reach the 2 weak points.

Finally, now that we know how to beat goalkeeper Tom, we can move on to Ghostrunner.

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