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Unlock higher game performance with our guide on How to get more motherboard memory in Ghostrunner 2.

In Ghostrunner 2, increasing your motherboard memory is crucial for unlocking more upgrade slots and Ultimate Abilities. This guide will show you how to collect Memory Shards and level up your motherboard efficiently. Let's dive in!

How to get more motherboard memory in Ghostrunner 2

Section 1: Understanding Memory Shards

Memory Shards are hidden collectibles in Ghostrunner 2 that play a vital role in increasing your motherboard memory. Each shard collected increases Jack's overall memory by one. By collecting a certain amount of shards, you can unlock more motherboard slots for upgrades and Ultimate Abilities. Understanding the importance of Memory Shards is the first step towards maximizing your gameplay experience.

Section 2: Finding Memory Shards

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Memory Shards are scattered throughout the levels of Ghostrunner 2. They can be found starting from the "Setting The Stage" level. Additionally, visiting the Interface Council HQ will also grant you access to more Memory Shards. It is essential to explore each level thoroughly and keep an eye out for hidden areas or collectible indicators that may lead you to these valuable shards.

To give you an idea of the number of shards available in each level, here is a breakdown:

  • 1. Uninvited Guests: 0 shards
  • 2. Setting The Stage: 7 shards
  • 3. Behind The Curtain: 8 shards
  • 4. A Price To Be Paid: 4 shards
  • 5. Licking The Wounds: 3 shards
  • 6. I Won't Be Back Today: 3 shards
  • 7. Winds of the Desolate: 8 shards
  • 8. Pillars of Creation: 11 shards
  • 9. Something Lurks In The Sand: 0 shards
  • 10. Mindgames: 2 shards
  • 11. Can Anyone Hear Me: 3 shards
  • 12. Elevator Maintenance: 5 shards
  • 13. The Monolith Of Inhumanity: 0 shards

By knowing the number of shards available in each level, you can plan your exploration accordingly and prioritize the levels with a higher number of shards to maximize your memory collection.

Section 3: Upgrading the Motherboard

As you collect Memory Shards and increase your motherboard memory, you will unlock more upgrade slots and gain access to powerful Ultimate Abilities. However, it is important to note that as you level up your motherboard, upgrading it becomes more expensive. It is crucial to budget your resources wisely to ensure efficient progress.

To efficiently upgrade your motherboard, it is advisable to focus on upgrading the crucial abilities that suit your playstyle. Prioritizing upgrades that align with your preferred gameplay strategy will enhance your overall experience. Experiment with different combinations of upgrades and Ultimate Abilities to find the perfect balance that complements your skills.

By collecting Memory Shards strategically and leveling up your motherboard, you can maximize Jack's memory capacity, unlock valuable upgrade slots, and unleash powerful Ultimate Abilities. Exploring each level thoroughly and paying attention to hidden areas will ensure you don't miss any Memory Shards. Remember to consult in-game resources and guides for specific locations of Memory Shards within each level. Happy hunting, and may your Ghostrunner 2 journey be filled with success!

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