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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-07-21 18:29:53

More about: Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima has already been released and one of the most important things you have to do is get gold, so today we are going to tell you how to get more gold.

What is gold in Ghost of Tsushima.

It is one of the most valuable and important materials in the game, as it will be useful to improve melee weapons making them much stronger, however, these updates require gold as a manufacturing component.
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How to get more gold in Ghost of Tsushima.

The first way to get gold is by releasing enemy fortresses on the world map, you can easily identify them on the map, but do not confuse them with red dots.

You can also get gold by looting outposts, fortresses and farm and switching them to Trappers in exchange for supplies, so if you have enough supplies this is a very good option.

  That is all you need to know about how to get more gold in Ghost of Tsushima, we hope that with any of these methods it will be very easy for you to get gold, my favorite is releasing strengths, but we recommend you try all three methods and choose the best one for you.

PlayStation 4 PS4
Action-adventure, stealth
Sucker Punch Productions
Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation Store
Release date:
July 17, 2020
age rating (PEGI):
Official Website:

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