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Angel Marquez
2021-01-14 04:06:59

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Our Genshin Impact guide lets us show you where to find nameless treasure

What to know about the Nameless treasure in Genshin Impact?

This game presents us with many things to do and knowing where to find Nameless treasure is one of those important elements. There is the possibility of having the option of getting with them at some point, as we are constantly on the move exploring this open world where we have enough tasks.

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Where to find a nameless treasure in Genshin Impact?

The first thing we must bear in mind is that there are 3 treasures, which are locked behind a puzzle and that is where we must focus to solve it and in this way take these chests of objects, which can be delivered to get some rewards that can be 40 primo gems or money, we can do this in the antique store "Xigu Antiques" these treasures are located in this way:


  •  Dunyu Ruins Chest: this makes us have to solve a small puzzle that consists of lighting a total of 4 torches, two of them are hidden in the rubble that we can see in these Genshin Impact ruins, while the other two are hidden under the rocks, then with the torches lit we must activate the Geo node with Geo's ability to go down, here we have a task before getting the nameless treasure that is our reward and this means that we must manage to guide 3 seelies to their pedestals, with this we finish and get the chest of objects from the ruins of Dunyu.
  • Lingju Pass Treasure: we continue exploring to find out where to find a nameless treasure and we arrive at a second location, here we must solve another small activity that consists of noticing an NPC when arriving at Lingju Pass, as you will see this is captured and It is our job to get free from the cage, to achieve this we must defeat the enemies who have captured it, then we are presented with the opportunity that the NPC can give us the location of the "Giant Golden Tree", we just have to get to it and get closer to open the chest where we can claim our nameless treasure.
  • Treasure of the Qingxu pool: we continue our search and this location is the last that we must find in Genshin Impact, here we must solve another small puzzle where it is necessary to have a Geo character when we arrive at the Quingxu pool, here it is necessary to break the amount of 5 stamps, as this information is found in the middle of a "stone table." With that information in our possession we must manage to climb the high towers that are specifically 5 and look for the Geo nodes that must be activated, once we have achieved this we must return to the "stone table" to opt for the nameless treasure and thereby completing the task.

 Now that you know where to find a nameless treasure, so get ready to do some exploring in Genshin Impact and get the most out of this game.

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